Dragon Quest: Epics is an ORPG (online role-playing game) in development on the Intersect game engine.

The game is based upon the Dragon Quest Yuusha Abel Densetsu anime, and utilizes many of the same plot elements, locations, races, and characters. It began its development in early August 2018. The game will sport all custom assets from spritework and animations to music and sound effects.


A Slime Headwear advert, as worn by General Jack's sprite.

Game Features Edit

  • Begin the game as one of three races: Human, Estark, and Jewel Monster
  • Develop your own path! Good, Evil, Neutral- Dragon Quest: Epics gives players incentives to choose any alignment on the spectrum
  • Real-time action PvE and PvP combat
  • An ever-evolving world and plot, determined by the players' actions
  • Create or join guilds and participate in events specific to guildies
  • Pets and Housing systems (future material)

Development Team Edit

  • ShiEksdee - Dev Lead, Eventer, 2D Artist, Writer
  • Darkspawn of Shadows - Writer
  • Kalila Chan - Writer
  • Death Water - Pixel Artist/Animator
  • Renatto Nunez - Composer